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Un grand de la country : Kris Kristofferson

Un grand de la country : Kris Kristofferson


You may know him as Kris Kristofferson, the country singer and composer, famous for his hit songs like «  Me and Bobby McGee » and «  Sunday Morning, Coming down »


He was born in Texas, son of a Major General in the army, and spent his childhood traveling around the U.S from one Army base to another. While at Pomona College in California, he combined two unlikely interests : he was a star football and soccer player who majored in creative writing.


Later he continued his education at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar.


After graduation, Kris spent time in the Army, training as a parachutist. The army didn't suit him and Kris went where he could use his real creative talents to Nashville Country Music star Johnny Cash had seen and praised the songs he had been writing while in college and army.


Kris spent some time working as a janitor and bartender in Nashville, but his rise to the top of the entertainment world came within a fairly short time.


His own recordings of his song quickkly rose to the top of the American charts.


But other singer helped make them classics of their time.





Finalement peut on faire de la bonne country music sans être un patriote, pas vraiment. Et pourtant les anti-guerre du Vietnam ont pris cet ancien militaire comme héros ^^ 

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